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Hi. I’m Christina, I am the Owner and Founder of Revitalizing Inner Self Essence LLC. My pronouns are: she, her and hers. I work with women in Baltimore, MD who have experienced domestic violence or the murder of a loved one. I am an avid book reader, nature lover, and an amateur yogi.

I opened Revitalizing Inner Self Essence in 2019 after years of field based social work. One day I decided that I was done with short-term, field-based work. I was also done referring clients to therapists who weren’t willing to work with all parts of them from a person-centered perspective. I love working with women in a non-judgemental way to help them rediscover their power. We are born with it and sometimes it gets lost as we navigate through life.

While venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, I started my search for mental health merchandise. I wanted positive images about mental health (because lets be real there is still such a stigma) that I could wear everyday. I envisioned unisex clothes that felt amazing, with bold colors and conversation starting words. I could not find them, so I created them. Thus birthing Risemdllc Merch.

I hope you love every piece. I thank you for supporting my mission and helping me further my efforts to provide quality trauma informed psychotherapy and wellness services.